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1. Prerequisites

2. Installation

3. Application Distribution

To distribute and install your add-in, you must create a JAR container which includes a MANIFEST.MF file and the framework files JAddin.class and JAddinThread.class.

Create MANIFEST.MF file

Make sure that the last line is terminated with a newline character.

Manifest-Version: 1.0
Class-Path: .
Main-Class: AddinName

Create JAR container

There are many tools available to create JAR containers. The easiest way is to use the command line.

jar cvmf MANIFEST.MF AddinName.jar AddinName.class JAddin.class JAddinThread.class

Install Application

Copy the JAR container to the domino/ndext directory. This directory is automatically searched by the RunJava task for any Java classes to load.

4. Run Application

There are several ways to start the application:

Console Command

Enter the command Load RunJava JAddin AddinName in the IBM Domino console.

> Load RunJava JAddin HelloWorld
03.02.2019 09:31:47   JVM: Java Virtual Machine initialized.
03.02.2019 09:31:47   RunJava: Started JAddin Java task.
03.02.2019 09:31:47   HelloWorld: Started with parameters null
03.02.2019 09:31:47   HelloWorld: Running on Release 10.0.1 November 29, 2018
03.02.2019 09:31:47   HelloWorld: User code is executing...
03.02.2019 09:32:02   HelloWorld: User code is executing...
03.02.2019 09:32:17   HelloWorld: User code is executing...
03.02.2019 09:32:32   HelloWorld: User code is executing...


You may change the line starting with ServerTask= to include the task to be started, e.g.

ServerTasks=Replica,Router,Update,RunJava JAddin AddinName,AMgr,...

Program Document

The easiest and recommended way is to add a program document in the IBM Domino directory.

Program Document